Two types of Coffee

Robusta- Grown at lower elevations and as the name implies, this coffee has a very ROBUST flavor. Robusta is normally the choice of those who like their coffee very strong and you could say coffee that bites back.  Some consider these to have a bitter after taste. What separates Ugandan Robusta from others is that while it is fuller bodied, it is much smoother than other Robustas and does not have a bitter aftertaste.    Ugandan Robusta is almost as smooth as an Arabica and in some cases is actually smother, depending upon the roast.

Arabica- A mountain coffee, grown at high altitudes.  Arabicas tend to deliver a smoother flavor. Because it is harder to grow, and more susceptible to pests, Arabica is a more expensive coffee.


Our African Tea (Chai)

African Tea is what most of us know as Chai.  The word Chai is actually an East Indian word meaning Tea.  Therefore, it is known in Uganda and East Africa as African Tea.  The tea is a mixture of tea and other spices that gives it an exotic taste.  We find that the African Chai, like the Robusta coffee, has a fuller flavor.   You really get a taste of all of the various spices.

As a note, if you really want to get the most out of your Chai, try making it with milk instead of water. Boil milk and add your Chai.  Sweeten to taste.  This is the way Africans and East Indians drink theirs,  and how we learned to make it.