We buy Coffee & Tea from Ugandan                   Coffee & Tea Farmers.


Coffee Cherries

Once the cherries turn red they are ready for harvest. The actual coffee bean is inside the cherry and must be removed.


GreenCoffee Beans dried

After being removed from the cherries, the beans are dried, size and color sorted.   While some African coffee is dried and sorted at the farms themselves, this process is done, for us, at out partner plant in Kampala, Uganda, to insure the proper amount of moisture, quality and size of the beans. 


                                                   From the Roast to the Cup, quality and flavor

                                                  From the Roast to the Cup, quality and flavor

Coffee Roasting

The coffee is stored, roasted & packaged at a state of the art coffee processing facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma and sold retail online and wholesale to restaurants, offices, other commercial outlets.

                     We store the Green (un-roasted) beans in a climate controlled warehouse                                                             to insure freshness and roast as demand dictates.                                                   "Green" beans may be purchased as well, for those who want to control their own roast