Our History

1981 Uganda team on tank.jpg

It all started when...

In the summer of 1982 Lake Victoria Coffee & Tea founder Eddie Huff, then a missionary with Youth With A Mission (YWAM), met  a bishop from the Church of Uganda who was visiting Holland.  Eddie was moved by the story of how thousands of children in Uganda had been left orphans under the brutal and murderous dictatorship of Idi Amin.  The nation had been devastated and was in dire need of help from the outside. Six months later Eddie found himself leading an international team of eleven wonderful young people who brought medicine and hope to the East Ankole region of Uganda.  It is here that Eddie was introduced to Ugandan coffee and Chai.   

Eddie made several subsequent trips back to Uganda, as well as Kenya and South Africa, and has never lost or forgotten his love for and desire to help Uganda.

Fast forward to when 2006 Eddie received a request to host Pastor Bethuel Dongo who had started a ministry "Buyamba Uganda,"which means HELP UGANDA, and boarding school in Kampala, Uganda. Eddie asked Pastor Dongo to bring 20 lbs of  raw, green, Ugandan coffee with and the pastor did so. Upon getting the coffee roasted in Tulsa and giving samples to friends, it was agreed by all that this was some of the finest coffee any of them had drunk and that Eddie should get more. Lake Victoria Coffee & Tea Company is a fulfillment of that vision and request.  Sadly, Pastor Bethuel Dongo passed away in 2015, but his ministry and work, now run by his wonderful and gifted children, continues.  Buyamba Uganda and their God Cares primary and secondary schools are one of the beneficiaries of the proceeds from the sale of Ugandan Mist Coffee, and eventually Chai (Tea).

In addition to God Cares Schools, Ugandan Mist is also supporting 2 other entities.  There is the Bulamu Orphanage, on the outskirts of Kampala and Rejoice School a small primary school in a very poor, rural area near Mukono, Uganda.  A good portion of the net sale of every package of coffee and tea will go directly to these three ministries.  Our desire is to grow to the point where we are able to help even more schools and orphanages throughout Uganda as well as neighboring Rwanda and Congo. 

Our goal is to support Uganda in two ways. 1) Supporting the economy by buying the coffee from the farmers and employing those who will prepare it for shipping to the U.S. at our partner plant in Uganda. 2) Sending proceeds from the sale of the coffee and tea back to the schools and orphanages.

We ask for you to help in this by purchasing our coffee and getting others to try it.  We promise that this is a high quality coffee and that we are truly helping these entities we are referring to.  In addition to buying the coffee you may decide to get involved in directly sponsoring a child or children.  We have set up a page for you to do that as well.

Thank you for your interest and we hope you will become partners in buying coffee or direct support of the children of Uganda.